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Obese Britons may be forced to work from home even as others return after the coronavirus lockdown, according to reports.

Leaked government documents show that the obese are being treated as “vulnerable” people — along with those over 70 and pregnant women — who will be told to stay home even when the general lockdown is lifted, the Sun said.

Companies may even have to find new roles for the workers who need to stay home, the report says.

From The Sun:

Speaking yesterday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said there was “possibly” a link between obesity and the impact of coroanvirus.

Mr Hancock said: “Our knowledge about this virus grows daily and it appears some groups are more affected than others.

“Emerging data from around the world suggests there could possibly be a relationship between obesity and the impact of Covid-19 on individuals.

“It’s too early to say if obesity in itself is a factor or conditions associated with it – or there is not enough data yet to rule it out – so we need to approach any assumptions with caution.

“Every death from this virus is a tragedy and behind each statistic is a name, a loss and a family that will never be the same again.”

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