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Social media is having a field day over the pantless top currently available for sale on the e-commerce site

The unique fashion item, traditionally worn by toddlers, is being sold by multiple vendors on the site, which features male models rocking the crotch-hugging onesies. One such item was shared on Instagram by @theshaderoom, which was met with hilarious commentary.

“I’m a match with the baby,” one Instagram user commented, while another wrote: “Who asked for this???”

“The ladies rock bodysuits/onsies all the time for various reasons! Well, is selling these for the fellas!” wrote The Shade Room on Instagram.

Here is another version of the fashion piece.

Also available at is a baseball-themed version and a hoodie style.

Social media lit up over the items. Examples of comments from the Instagram post follow:

thatshekinah: This is just to much!!!!

dakidsolow105I’m a match with the baby

iamzoieGood night 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Throw the designer AWAY friend

tmaimitchellno. Just no.

brit998what in the Sam hell is this

bite_size_nicNah. This is too much 

chief_savageryWho asked for this????🤨

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