This is what I found on KOAT.COM:

A group of people in Indiana turned one field into a symbol of hope during the pandemic by giving it a patriotic makeover.

Using red, white and blue — of course — the group, led by Justin Riggins, painted a 10,000-square-foot American flag.

“With everything that everyone is going through in this pandemic, I wanted something positive for people,” Riggins told CNN. “I’m very patriotic and I wanted to recognize there are a lot of heroes on the frontlines.”

Once they got it all laid out, the actual job of painting the flag took just about two hours, and was done by Riggins, his family and friends. They used environmentally safe paint, which ball parks also use. They plan to leave the flag for the rest of the year, and touch it up when necessary.

In a Facebook post, Riggins provided photos, a video, and details about the gigantic flag:

10,686 sq ft
6’ stripes
30 gallons of paint

Information provided by KOAT.COM.

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