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In recent weeks, Confederate statues have come under fire, and now one solution has been proposed in Tennessee.

As racial tensions have risen around America, monuments to the Confederacy have spurred an intense backlash.

An online petition recently created by Alex Parsons has suggested that the statues of leaders from the Confederacy be replaced with a different Tennessee icon: Dolly Parton.

ABC3340 reported:

The Tennessean reported in December last year that Republican state Rep. Jeremy Faison was the first person to bring up the idea of removing the statue that’s been in the capitol building since 1978. Faison said he could “think of 100 other people deserving of that post” before suggesting Parton because of her popularity and status as a local and national role model.

“If we want to preserve history, then let’s tell it the right way,” said Faison. “How about getting a lady in there? My daughter is 16, and I would love for her to come into the Capitol and see a lady up there… What’s wrong with someone like Dolly Parton being put in that alcove?”

Parton has not commented publicly on the idea.

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