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MARQUETTE — It was just a normal day when former State Representative Steve Lindberg took the now–famous photo of a three-antlered buck while out on a walk with his dog last weekend.

Lindberg says he takes a photo a day to upload onto his Facebook page, but when he took the picture of this particular buck he didn’t even realize how rare it was.

“So I got home and I put the pictures up on my computer, and I looked, and I said, ‘What is this?’” Lindberg said. “So I looked at another picture, and I had different perspectives. I said, ‘This is a three-antlered deer! This isn’t just an atypical rack, this is this deer has three separate antlers coming out of its’ head.’ I had never seen that before, it was pretty unusual, so I put it up as my picture of the day on Facebook.”

See the pics below:

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