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Your imagination could be a key to boosting your retirement savings.

A hidden experiment included in recent research suggests that workers could be motivated to save more if they picture their future self, rather than only focusing on the dollars and cents involved.

The research, conducted by investment manager Capital Group, involved a survey of 1,202 adults of varying income levels, ages 21 to 71. Much of the study explored respondents’ views of retirement, including how they expect to fund their golden years. Included, though, was a twist unknown to participants.

Here’s how the secret experiment worked: Half of the group were asked how much they should set aside for retirement via a payroll deduction. After answering, they tackled questions that explored how they want their life to look in their 60s, 70s and 80s.

For example, one question asked respondents what they expect to be doing at each of those decades of life, with potential answers ranging from making new friends or being politically active to pursuing a passion or making the world a better place.

Other questions touched on their anticipated health later in life and whether they would travel or spend time with friends and family.

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