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Dogs went from being man’s best friend to toddler’s best friend in Florida on Sunday. After a 3-year-old with autism went missing in the woods, it only took the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office bloodhounds 30 minutes to save the day.

The office responded to a mid-morning call about missing child Aedric Hughes, who had unlocked a door and wandered into a wooded area near his home in Pace, Florida.

“That’s the most terrifying words a mother can get over the phone,” mother Audra Hughes told CBS affiliate WPEC-TV. “‘Your child is missing, get home now.'”

According to a Facebook post by the sheriff’s office, the boy was unharmed.

They wrote:

Special Needs Child Found Unharmed.

On 9/15/19 just before 11:00 am, Deputies with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office responded to a missing 3 year old child with special needs. The child unknowingly opened a locked door and wandered into a large wooded area near the home. After the immediate search of the area was unsuccessful, Sheriff’s Bloodhounds arrived on scene to assist.

Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Bloodhounds immediately began to track the area and took the K-9 handlers approximately 200 yards into an extremely wooded and muddy area. The Bloodhounds located the child huddled tightly under a heavy brush area where he was immediately removed and taken to awaiting EMS personnel. The photo of Deputy Lenzo carrying the 3 year old out of the woods speaks volumes as to the seriousness of the incident.

Sheriff Johnson implemented the Bloodhounds into our Agency approximately 1 year ago. Within that time, our Bloodhounds have located 9 individuals to include missing senior citizens, criminals on the run, and missing children.

We are glad to report the child is back home. Other than a few scratches and bug bites, he is doing well.

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