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Even though tax day has been postponed because of the coronavirus, Americans will still end up having to pay their taxes by July 15.

However, the amount of taxes people pay depends on what state they live in. For example, some states have little to no income tax, but have high sales tax or high real estate tax.

Earlier this month, WalletHub published a report that calculated which states — as well as Washington, D.C. — have the highest and lowest tax rates overall.

WalletHub used real estate tax, vehicle property tax, income tax and sales & excise tax to calculate the results.

The states with the highest tax rates were:

47. Kansas

48. Pennsylvania

49. New York

50. Connecticut

51. Illinois

The states with the lowest tax rates were:

5. Wyoming

4. Nevada

3. Montana

2. Delaware

1. Alaska

Get more results and see where your state falls at WalletHub.

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