This is what I found on WashingtonPost:

Most of the attention aimed at the Bahamas right now — more than a week after Category 5 Hurricane Dorian dealt a severe blow in the north⁠ — is focused on the rising death toll, the efforts by survivors to flee and the aid that is arriving.

But officials with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation are trying to reinforce a different message: Most of the country’s islands are open to visitors, and those tourists are badly needed.

“When people say the Bahamas has been devastated, it gives the wrong impression,” says Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, deputy director general of the tourism ministry.

“The Ministry of Tourism & Aviation has urged travelers with plans to visit other islands to keep their reservations,” Travel & Leisure reports. “Open and unaffected islands include some of the most popular destinations such as Nassau, Paradise Island, the Exumas, and Cat Island.”

“One of the best ways that people around the world can show their support and solidarity… is to visit our other islands by air or by cruise ship,” Prime Minister Hubert Minnis told the Associated Press.

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