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“You’re only as old as you feel” isn’t going to fly anymore.

According to a small survey of Americans, there is indeed a certain age when the general public considers you old.

The research, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by LetsGetChecked, showed that the majority of those polled would consider themselves to be “old” at age 57.

In describing what “old” meant, the 2,000 respondents listed the following concerns:

  • concern about overall health (39 percent)
  • wrinkles (36 percent)
  • weight gain (36 percent)
  • gray hair (35 percent)
  • hair loss (34 percent)
  • age spots (34 percent)
  • fear of not being able to take care of themselves (34 percent)
  • being seen as “old” by others (33 percent)
  • financial security (33)
  • losing independence (19 percent)

However, a full 45 percent of those polled said they were not actively saving for retirement.

Information provided by FOXNEWS.COM.

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