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Having a side hustle is a great way to pull in some extra cash. In fact, according to data by GoDaddy, one in two millennials makes an average $258 in extra income from odd jobs - some are just a bit more creative. While the study reveals the most common gigs include selling items online and cleaning, one woman decided to try something a little more outside the box: Snuggling.

Sam Varnerin of Boston found herself in a similar position as many people in her generation. Though she had a full-time position as a construction engineer, Sam wanted to make a little more dough to help reduce her student loan debt.

“When I graduated from school,” says Sam, “I had $35,000 worth of debt that I wanted to get rid of as quickly as possible. My full-time job certainly helped cover the bills, but didn’t help with my goal of getting rid of this student loan debt fast.”

With that goal in mind, the now 27-year-old decided to look around for a flexible side hustle, and says finding snuggling was “a sheer accident.” Sam subscribed to entrepreneur Jason Zook’s email list where he once joked about a professional snuggler.

“I read it and thought it was a joke,” says Sam. “But there was a part of me that realized if this was a legitimate business, I’d be good at it.”

So, she started searching online to see what others were saying about professional snuggling and came across the Snuggle Buddies agency. “I found that there were a lot of people looking for someone to snuggle with in my area,” says Sam. “I reached out to the company and explained that I worked full-time, but that I was interested.”

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