This is what I found on PEOPLE.COM:

“All of the hatchlings are healthy and bonding with their parents,” the Zoo said in a statement to PEOPLE. “The OKC Zoo’s bird caretakers have moved the new family units to a behind-the-scenes area for the next several weeks – allowing the parents to raise their chicks on their own, removed from the threat of natural predators like raccoons.”

The Zoo explained that caretakers have partially hand-reared flamingo hatchlings in the past, but are excited to implement a new technique that will enable the parents to do all the nurturing of the chicks on their own.

The Zoo also told PEOPLE that one of the chicks is the offspring of a 57-year-old male flamingo at the Zoo, who is the last remaining member of the Zoo’s original flock that first arrived in 1963.

In a Facebook post, the zoo wrote:

“TGIFF: Thank goodness it’s flamingo Friday! It’s a labor of love for the Zoo’s bird care team who have confirmed that all of this season’s chicks have officially hatched, with the last chick hatching just yesterday! All three chicks will be raised by their parents behind-the-scenes for the next 6-8 weeks. We’re tickled pink to fill your feed with these bundles of fluff and feathers!”

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