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Why risk being eaten by a great white shark while diving in the Great Barrier Reef if you don’t have to? Now, you can explore the gorgeous natural wonder from the safety of a submarine, with a little help from Uber. Queensland, Australia, announced today a new partnership with Uber—the launching of scUber, the world’s first rideshare submarine, coming to the Great Barrier Reef on Monday, May 27.

According to the news release, scUber promises to be a “once-in-a-lifetime experience… riders will gain exclusive access to the world’s largest ecosystem, renowned as a biodiverse playground, rich in marine life and offering remarkable underwater experiences.”

The scUber experience will be available starting on Heron Island, off the coast of Gladstone in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region from May 27, before moving to Agincourt Reef off the coast of Port Douglas in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef region from June 9. Availability is strictly limited.

The experience will cost around $2,000 for two riders and includes pickup from your location with the Uber app, a return scenic helicopter ride to either Heron Island (for riders requesting from Gladstone) or the Quicksilver Cruises pontoon off the coast of Port Douglas (for riders requesting from Cairns, Port Douglas and Palm Cove), a one-hour ride in a scUber submarine, and a return trip to your original pickup address with Uber.

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