This is what I found on DailyMail:

A woman from Ohio says a worker at a local Burger King took a photo of her debit card on his phone after she handed it over to pay for her order.

Trisha Ryan pulled up to the window at a drive-thru in Hamilton, near Cincinnati, and gave the cashier her card to pay.

She said the man behind the counter appeared to hesitate for a moment as he looked at her card and then she saw a flash coming from his cellphone.

The report says that after Ryan reported what she saw to a manager, the manager took the cell phone away from the employee and called police.

‘I saw him grab his phone line it up, hover it over something on the counter, took a picture, then he did some more handwork and then he took another picture and gave me my receipt. So I said, “Hey, I just saw you take a picture of my card.” He’s like, “No, I didn’t!” and he continued to argue with me,’ said Ryan to News12.

The manager told police, “I have an employee that’s been taking pictures of people’s credit cards. I took his phone from him because a customer saw him do it and he has more than one credit card on here.”

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