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The ‘World’s hottest Marine” Shannon Ihrke has stripped off for a new desert photo shoot as she shows support for President Trump’s U.K. visit. The 29-year-old from Minnesota is pictured wearing nothing but a tiny bikini and her gun belt in the new pictures. Her new pictures have been taken by photographer Thomas Prusso.

The former Marine-turned-model shares jaw-dropping pictures with her 148,000 followers on Instagram and regularly gets marriage offers from strangers. Ihrke joined the military at age 19 and served on active duty for four years, including in Afghanistan.

“As a female in the Marine Corps you have to work twice as hard as the men in order to feel like their equal,” she said. “A lot of the Marines initially thought that I might not be able to keep up physically, or that I somehow wasn’t as strong as them so I made it my mission to prove them wrong.”

“I came in guns blazing in order to show that I wasn’t someone that could be pushed around, brushed off, or not taken seriously,” she said.


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If you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with the strength the rise!. . @thomas_prusso_photography

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