This is what I found on The Daily Wire:

The woman believed to be the oldest person in the world has died at age 123 after living a life she described as being characterized by “hard work and optimism” despite living most of it under oppressive communist regimes.

According to the Russian Book of Records and Russian government officials, Tanzilya Bisembeyeva, a Muslim Kazakh whose death was announced Wednesday, was the oldest woman in the world, born before the last tsar of Russia and living a life that spanned three centuries.

Bisembeyeva was believed to have been the third-oldest person in Russia just months ago, but the two women who were reportedly older than her — Nanu Shaovawomen (128) and Koku Istambulova (129) — died earlier this year, leaving Bisembeyeva with the remarkable distinction.

Bisembeyeva reportedly “died peacefully” and was buried in a family cemetery. The “whole village came to see her depart on her last journey,” by The Daily Mail reported.

Information provided by The Daily Wire.

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