This is what I found on CBSNEWS.COM:

A nearly lifelong resident of Santa Barbara Zoo said her final goodbyes to her caretakers Wednesday night. The 48-year-old elephant named Little Mac was euthanized after zookeepers said her health “sharply declined” after being placed in hospice care earlier in the week.

The zoo announced the loss Thursday on Twitter, saying Little Mac had faced “age-related issues for years.” They said the elephant was considered geriatric, as the life expectancy of Asian elephants in human care is 46.9 years.

“The Zoo team worked tirelessly with outside vets/experts to treat her, but Mac’s health declined beyond the help of any medical treatments,” they wrote of the Asian elephant.

“Last night we said goodbye to our 48-year-old elephant, Little Mac. After announcing she was on hospice care earlier this week, the decision was made to humanely euthanize her yesterday evening,” the zoo tweeted.

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