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A robbery at a convenience store in England was foiled when patrons began pelting the suspect with food and sundries—including an 11-year-old girl who threw a loaf of bread at the suspect before he ran from the store.

As seen in surveillance footage, an unidentified man burst through the front door of the store brandishing a knife, and taking swipes at the air to show he is armed and dangerous. Wearing a green coat, gloves and a scarf that obscures his face, the assailant advanced toward the register and spoke to the cashier, but was immediately subjected to a hail of items thrown by the girl’s father, including bread and bottles of Squash, a fruit-flavored soda.

“I cannot praise enough the bravery of the father and daughter who intervened in this knifepoint attempted robbery,” Detective Constable Noel Simmonds told the Guernsey Press. “There are considerable risks any time a knife is used or brandished, and whilst it is tempting to just view the spectacle of an armed robber fleeing in panic from a young girl, if the suspect is not caught he may try again, and next time someone could be seriously hurt.”

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