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When Rachel Perman told her son he could celebrate his fifth birthday with a photoshoot, he obviously chose his favorite movie, “Up.” Elijah, 5, loves the Pixar classic, so it was a dream come true to dress up like the characters.

Elijah dressed as Russel and had the idea to incorporate his 90-year-old great-grandparents as Carl and Ellie. Richard and Caroline Bain, true-life love birds, were the spitting image of the animated couple.

Perman, who is a part-time photographer, took the photos herself and posted them on Facebook, where they went viral.

On Facebook, Perman wrote:

“I don’t always share personal projects on my business page, but these images are getting quite a bit of social media attention on my personal page! Just wanted to share with the people who have supported me in my “side hustle”!

“I decided this year that I was going to do fun thematic photo sessions with each of my kids for their birthdays! The twins were up first! UP themed session for Elijah with his 90-yr-old great grandparents as Carl and Ellie, and a unicorn/princess session for my daughter Emilee! The magic is real with these!”

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