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Thousands remember the sacrifice of 9/11 firefighter Stephen Siller by following in his footsteps to the twin towers last Sunday.

Firefighter Stephen Siller always believed in doing good while he still had the time. On Sept. 11th this life mantra propelled the 34-year-old to make haste when he heard the news that the World Trade Center was struck.

Siller canceled a planned golf trip with his family. He would never make it home again to reschedule those plans.

Siller used his personal truck to drive to Manhattan but was unable to drive through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel due to security measures.

Undeterred, he carried 60 pounds of gear on his back and traveled through the Tunnel on foot and to the Towers, where he tragically lost his life.

More than 30,000 Americans “retraced the heroic firefighter’s path from Battery Tunnel to the Twin Towers in recognition of Siller’s sacrifice,” the Daily Caller reported.

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