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(CNN) — The Georgia Bulldogs took on the Texas Longhorns in the Sugar Bowl Tuesday night in New Orleans, and the clash wasn’t just on the gridiron.

Before the game the teams’ live animal mascots — Georgia’s Uga the bulldog and Texas’ Bevo the steer — faced off on the sidelines.

It was supposed to be a simple photo op, but nobody told Bevo, who promptly charged at Uga (and almost took out a few humans in the process).

So, just why do college football teams have live animals mascots anyway?
The answer is actually pretty simple, Michael Lewis, a marketing professor at Emory University in Atlanta, told CNN.
“Human beings love animals,” said Lewis, who runs a podcast on sports analytics research. “They’re so much more compelling than a guy in a suit. The live animal mascots have some real advantages. I think of them as like a focal point for the fan community to get behind.”

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