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THE WOODLANDS, Texas – A Huffman, Texas high school cheerleader surprisingly captured video of a copperhead snake biting her last week. She had no idea what happened until she got to the hospital and took the time to look back at the video. She and her mom and now laughing it off, since she’s on the healing side of things, but at the time, it was no laughing matter.

On most days, you can find Paris Montgomery tumbling in her backyard. She has been using her time away from school during the pandemic to brush-up on her skills. Her trampoline is usually her safe haven for workouts, at least until last week.

“I was about to go tumble on my trampoline, and I always video myself tumbling, and I was just videoing, and then I was taking my shoes off, and I stepped on a snake and it bit me (on the foot),” explains Paris.

Paris was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after her leg started to swell and turn purple. She received four doses of anti-venom through an IV.


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