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The remix of [Diana Ross’] disco classic “Love Hangover” is at the top of Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart this week.

The song, recorded in 1975, catapulted to the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, Hot Soul Singles and Hot Dance Club Play charts simultaneously in May 1976.

Written by Marilyn McLeod and Pam Sawyer, the Hal Davis-produced platter became the Motown Records queen’s fourth single to reach number one.

Ross, who turns 76 on Thursday, said the original recording of “Love Hangover” was a “spontaneous thing that we captured on record and if I had to go back in and do it again, I couldn’t have.”

The song was revamped for modern audiences by Eric Kupper.

The following videos include the original 1976 version (top), then the remixed version (below).


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