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Millions of people have taken home DNA test kits, some with surprising, even shocking results. What’s it like to work at a company call center explaining sensitive discoveries to stressed-out customers? “Good Morning America” went behind the scenes with the customer service team at 23andMe to find out.

Jason White, 46, called 23andMe three times to complain about his results. The Shreveport, Louisiana, construction worker told the company that he was struggling to find matches with his family members and asked for a new test free of charge. But through the service he would eventually be connected to a relative he didn’t know he had and he would realize a jarring truth: the man who raised him was not his biological father.

“The operator told me that I wouldn’t be the first one to find out that I had a father or a different family than I thought. She said it’s happened quite often,” White shared with “GMA.”

23andMe explained White’s story to “GMA,” telling ABC’s Kayna Whitworth it is not unique. When customers find new family members, they ask customer representatives “how to contact them, what to say to them,” said Lindsay Grove, senior product specialist.

“We’ve had customers tell us they’re on their way to Thanksgiving dinner and they’re wondering how to bring this up,” Kent Hillyer, head of customer care, told “GMA.”





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