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Ah, the thrill of online shopping. But whatever you’re in the market for, cutting through the clutter can be exhausting, which is perhaps why Facebook users were recently inspired to proclaim one woman as a “genius” for a clever hack she uses while shopping for shoes.

New Zealand radio host Megan Papas recently went viral for her brilliant secret to staying focused while on the hunt for heels. Earlier this month, the ZM network host revealed her trick on her company’s Facebook page, in a video that has since been viewed over 3.4 million times.

In the 30-second clip, Papas held a miniature photo cutout of herself — without feet — up to her computer screen. Scrolling down the webpage, Papas held up her mini look-alike to the different pairs of heels, helping her to visualize if their aesthetic would match her own style, the New Zealand Herald reports.


On Instagram, Papas describes herself as a “professional talker, addicted shopper.”

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