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Four-time Oscar nominee Ed Harris is taking on the cherished and challenging role of Atticus Finch in the Broadway adaptation of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The actor, known from “Apollo 13” and HBO’s “Westworld,” spoke with CBS News contributor Jamie Wax at the Schubert Theater about making the role his own.

When Harris got a phone message from producer Scott Rudin asking if he wanted to play Atticus, his heart started going “boom, boom, boom,” he said.

The story “To Kill a Mockingbird” is one many know well: Finch, a small-town lawyer, puts his family and reputation on the line to defend a black man in 1930s Alabama. The character has long been recognized for his strong morals and courage.

The new movie will be based on Aaron Sorkin’s play based on the story. Jeff Daniels won a Tony for his performance as Finch  in Sorkin’s adaptation.

“I didn’t want to be influenced by it,” Harris said of past performances of the iconic character. “It’s such an individual kind of experience to portray any given character.”

WATCH an interview with Harris below and a clip from the original movie below that.

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