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Video and images of an engorged arachnid clinging to the door of an Texas apartment last week have gone viral.

On June 19, the couple found the eight-legged unwelcomed guest, which appeared to be bigger than the size of a human hand, crawling on the back patio door of their San Antonio home, Teouna Thomas told Fox News.


“My back was turned against the door that leads to the patio and I saw my husband’s face and he was like, ‘Oh my God, what the heck is that?’” Teouna Thomas recalled, according to the Star-Telegram. “He doesn’t scare easily and looking at his facial expression and hearing what he said, I expected to see some monster.”

In a Facebook post, Thomas wrote, “THIS IS NOT A TOY GUYS…I PROMISE I’M STILL SHAKING. Someone please tell me what this is?”

Thomas’ husband, Ken, sprang to action to capture the massive insect, as the couple’s puppy was on the patio just inches away from what turned out to be a tarantula as big as a hand.


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