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Two North Carolina police officers are being hailed as all-stars for playing an impromptu game of basketball with some local boys – though the sight of a squad car initially gave the kids’ mom a scare. On July 21, Jameka Wilcots said her “heart dropped” when she saw police outside of her home, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

Wilcots quickly realized all was well, however, with two officers from the High Point Police Department simply shooting hoops with her young sons in the family’s driveway. According to the outlet, the law enforcement officials had completed a traffic stop nearby and noticed Wilcots’ children, Jeremy, 15, and Jeremyah, 12, playing ball. Learning that the youngsters were playing a game of 21, the police officers asked if they could join – and the boys said yes.

“Well I thought something was going on here at the house but it wasn’t, they’re out here playing basketball in front of my house!” a surprised Wilcots narrated video footage of the scene that she filmed from her car. The three-minute clip that has since been viewed over 14,000 times on Facebook.

“It’s crazy, people keep slowing down, I guess they’re surprised to see the police playing with some children,” the parent continued. “I was surprised too!”

Social media commenters declared the summertime sight as “awesome,” while Wilcots expressed her gratitude to the policemen for the community engagement.

“I again would like to take the time to thank [the officers] for taking the time out on a very hot day to shoot hoops with my boys,” the proud mom told Yahoo. “Our community needs more of this with our youth… This was a great and positive thing for our community. A very great uplift!”



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