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One of the rescuers who helped get four crew members out of the Golden Ray, the cargo ship that capsized and caught fire off the coast of Georgia on Sunday, described the harrowing attempt to free the trapped men.

Sean Cogan, a rope access supervisor for Elevated Safety, a company that trains and helps people rappel on ropes, was appointed the rescue team leader for salvage company Defiant Marine, he told ABC News.

Cogan, who typically helps engineers get to hard-to-access places like bridges for inspection, was part of the team that first heard tapping noises coming from the Golden Ray as they rappelled over the side of the ship.

“Those guys that were in that ship are probably the strongest in terms of mental fortitude of anything I’ve seen,” he said.

“I mean, to see two arms, two legs and a smile coming up the ladder at you, that’s a surprise,” he said.

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