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A Washington trail runner snapped his leg on a remote mountain path Friday evening and crawled for eight hours on his hands and knees, shredding his skin raw, until he found cell service to make a call for help, officials said.

The 26-year-old was alone on the Duckabush Trail in Olympic National Park in northwest Washington state when he suffered a broken ankle around 5 p.m., Jefferson Search and Rescue (JSAR) wrote on Facebook. He was about 10 miles from the trailhead.

The runner, later identified as Joseph Oldendorf, told KIRO-TV how his tibia had “completely snapped off,” leaving his ankle “flopping” after slipping on ice. From a hospital bed, Oldendorf recounted how he survived in the sub-freezing temperatures with no cell service and no one else around for miles.

Reporter Michael Spears shared video and photos of Oldendorf in the hospital. Spears tweeted, “Incredible. Joseph broke his leg while running on a remote trail with no cellphone service this weekend. He crawled for hours before getting a cell signal — then kept crawling, about 10.5 hours total, until help arrived. He’s now recovering in Seattle.”

“Here’s what his knees looked like after crawling on all fours for about 10.5 hours on a rocky, snowy trail with a broken leg — Joseph said he eventually tied his shoes around his raw knees and kept crawling,” Spears added, sharing a shocking photo of the man’s knees.

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