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The 11-year-old brindle boxer trotted out of the winery, bottles tucked into each pocket of his harness-like vest. Outside in the parking lot, a white Hyundai SUV was waiting. Its driver crouched down on the pavement, coaxing the dog to come closer. When the furry delivery boy reached the passenger-side door, the customer bent over and collected her purchase from his pack.

While plenty of businesses are turning to curbside pickup or contactless delivery, Stone House Urban Winery may be the first to enlist a dog to help with social distancing. In mid-March, as fears about the novel coronavirus intensified, the Hagerstown, Md., winery invited its customers to place orders by phone. Soda Pup (Soda for short) would handle the deliveries.

“Before this all happened, we had so many customers who came to see Soda. They’d grab a glass of wine, sit on the floor with him, some would take him outside. They love Soda Pup,” co-owner Lori Yata told the Herald-Mail. “Being a small business, we are trying to keep ourselves afloat. So we decided to use a little bit of enticement to get people in.”


“She took to Facebook with a message from the popular dog,”  Yata told the Herald-Mail

“Mom says that we all have to pitch in and pull our weight, that includes me as well,” the Facebook posts says. “So, if you are out shopping and have kids in the car, or just want to keep your distance from other folks, give us a call and place your order. I’ll try to personally deliver your wine in my nifty new wine saddle bag. Mom thinks of everything.”

“Soon, patrons were calling and Soda was doing curbside delivery,” the Herald-Mail reports. “Yata sends him out the door and stands watch. She equipped Soda Pup with saddle bags that typically are used on horses. The vest has two pouches on each side.”

“If anybody calls him, he will go,” she told the Herald-Mail. “We tuck the wine in his vest and send him out with the wine bottles. If people don’t want to come in contact with us physically, dogs are not supposed to be able to carry the virus.”


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