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(CNN) – When Antonio Gwynn Jr. saw the damage from protests in his hometown of Buffalo, New York, he grabbed a broom, bought some trash bags and started cleaning the streets by himself.

He started at 2 a.m. on Monday and did not stop cleaning for the next 10 hours. When an organized group of neighbors arrived later that morning to start clearing the damage, they found that Gwynn had already done most of the work.

Gwynn is an 18-year-old high school senior. He told CNN that he saw on the local news that Bailey Avenue in Buffalo was covered in glass and garbage, and he knew people needed to use that street to get to work in the morning.

After word got out of what Gwynn had done, the community stepped up.

Matt Block, 27, decided to give Gwynn his prized 2004 red Mustang convertible, since he hardly ever drives it.

Local insurance agent Bob Briceland donated free auto insurance for the car for a year.

Then Medaille College in Buffalo offered Gwynn a full college scholarship, where he plans to study business starting this fall.

Below is the first report on the teen’s clean-up efforts:

Next, here are the results two days later:

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