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Dr. Kwane Stewart has been working overtime. When his work day ends, the San Diego-based veterinarian does not stop caring for animals. Stewart, who has been a vet for over 20 years, has developed a passion for helping the homeless and their pets. And a few years ago, he found himself stopping to treat pets living on the street.

“When I had spare time or if I happened to be driving home and saw a pet and owner in need, I would offer some assistance,” Stewart explains on his GoFundMe page. “A quick check up, maybe some medication or food…it wasn’t a lot but sometimes giving a little can make all the difference.”

As he walked the streets of San Diego, Stewart would stop to give free check-ups to homeless peoples’ pets. Word about his mission to help animals spread, and he ended up getting his own reality TV show, which follows him to other cities in California, where offers free treatment for the pets he sees on the streets.


In a Facebook post, the doctor wrote:

“Even though I met this sweet lady nearly 5 years ago this moment still makes me laugh. She was so relieved to learn it was just her dogs nipples and not some weird cancerous moles, (happens more often than you think; and on occasion they AREN’T just nipples). It’s really cool…sometimes just a little info, a little peace of mind, means so so much. This is her child. 🐶 And kudos for brushing those doggie teeth!”


Here he is, “serving one”:

He appeared on the Dr. Oz show:

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