This is what I found on FOXNEWS.COM:

[Carole] Baskin, a star of Netflix’s “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” admitted she was tricked into offering a video interview to two YouTube personalities claiming they were producers with “The Tonight Show.”

A big-cat enthusiast, Baskin largely has shied away from the media following the release of the docuseries, but agreed to be interviewed under the stipulation that the series not be discussed, and that her work with big cats would be the focus of the interview.

YouTubers Archie Manners and Josh Pieters ran audio clips of “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon asking questions that they’d pulled from other, real-life interviews in order to hold a “conversation” with Baskin, who appeared on camera.

Baskin replied to the prank in a statement, saying:

“I was suspicious as we were doing it because the questions appeared taped, but had no idea it would turn out to be such a fun prank. It gave us a very welcome good laugh.”


Information provided by FOXNEWS.COM.