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The opening of a self-cleaning toilet didn’t seem like it should be a big deal. Paris has had them for decades, and L.A. has 14 scattered around town. Metro has them at two transit stations. But a new version opened this month and is the first to be installed in a Los Angeles city park.

This two-stall automated restroom is an experiment to lower the cost and increase the cleanliness of the city’s aging stock of public park restrooms. It cost $182,000, L.A.’s Recreation and Parks Department spokeswoman Rose Watson said.

The parks department was so proud of their new loo that Councilman Paul Krekorian told me they held a grand opening, including a ceremonial cutting of the toilet tissue.

This structure is made by Exeloo, a New Zealand company. It has two unisex stalls behind the wood and stainless steel exterior. Signs in English, Spanish and Braille give instructions. A wave of the hand near the no-touch entry button and, whoosh, the door opens and you step inside.

Here’s one in Ohio.

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