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Goldilocks may have stumbled upon the home of the three little bears in the classic children’s story, but this time it was the other way around — and the bears weren’t nearly as friendly. A Pine, Colorado, couple was forced to fight off a mother bear with their bare hands and a baseball bat after the animal broke into their house with her cub, reports CBS Denver.

Jon Johnson, 71, was downstairs in his home watching television with his wife George Field on Monday night when he heard noises coming from upstairs, according to a Colorado Parks & Wildlife news release. Johnson went into his kitchen to investigate the sounds and came face-to-face with the bear chomping on a loaf of bread, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told CBS Denver.

“She swatted me in the nose,” recounted Johnson. “She was down here, she was low when she swatted me. I turned around I punched her in the nose. From that point we started going back-and-forth like a dance. She took some swipes here swipe on my chest.”

Field said, “All I remember seeing was a big brown blob in front of me. I empowered myself. I’ve never been that strong. I whacked that bear as strong as I could … you would have thought I was a Louisville slugger.”

Watch the couple tell their incredible story in the video below.

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