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The Broom Challenge is the latest bizarre trend to take social media by storm, and its origin is rumored to be tied to NASA.

Twitter and Instagram users took to their social pages on Monday to get in on the one-day-only challenge that apparently pushes the limits of gravity. The objective is simple: Get a broom to stand upright on its own.

According to Twitter – because Twitter is Bible – the Broom Challenge allegedly stemmed from a notice released by NASA which claimed that Feb. 10, 2020, was the only day a broomstick can stand up on its own due to a so-called gravitational pull.

The “broom challenge” had everyone suddenly fascinated with brooms this week, with everyone having a sweeping good time posting their results to social media. Below are a few:

Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs even joined in. “Try this at home! And it has nothing to do with planetary alignment or full moon!” he tweeted.

A pastor used the challenge to preach a sermon….

Astronomer Phil Plait tweeted that the “broom challenge” is an urban myth that had nothing to do with NASA.

“I’m seeing a lot of tweets about being able to balance a broom on last Friday — sorry folks, that’s an urban myth — with ppl saying *NASA* issued the challenge. But I’m seeing no links, nothing, to an original NASA source. Anyone see one?,” he tweeted.

“As for the itself: If the broom stands up, it stands up. But it has nothing to do with Earth’s gravity in balance or whatever,” he added.

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