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A bizarre situation occurring at a grocery store in Auburn, Wash., came to close last week. Police took a suspect into custody they believe had been sneaking into and around a grocery store for over a month.

The Auburn Police Department posted on their Facebook page that they had caught the suspect, dubbed the “Haggen Grocery Store Burglar.” According to them, they also recovered several packages of cigarettes and an expensive wheel of cheese allegedly stolen from the store.

Police included a photo of the wheel of cheese, which shows a price of $394.97. According to the police, the cheese was returned to the store, although it cannot be resold so it was donated to a local food bank.

The Auburn Police Department wrote:

“The Haggen Grocery Store Burglar who was accessing the store via the rafters has been identified and arrested. A search warrant served by Property Crimes Detectives located some very expensive cheese that was missing from the store, as well as cigarettes.

“The cheese cannot be re-sold by the store, so it was photographed for the case, then donated to the food bank.

“We are Proud of our Property Crimes Unit that relentlessly pursued all leads to conclude in an arrest.”

Information provided by FOXNEWS.COM.

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